The Centre of Diversity and Talents (D & T Centre) has the mission to promote activities related to intellectual knowledge, investments and ensure quality services in order to achieve excellence in the medium term. The Centre's main activities are:

  1. Assist in teaching students and/or Canadian students.

  2. Planning for cultural, artistic, scientific, business and related business.

  3. Promoting small and medium-sized businesses that need robust mechanisms in terms of marketing, organization and development of their business.

  4. Create a strong partnership with the Centre in one of its ultimate goals to support students, artists, skilled in the crafts and arts, other talented people to achieve their aspirations and goals through excellence program set by the Centre.

  5. Promoting innovation and integration of newcomers and others whose information on social and economic life is limited for various reasons.

  6. Promoting cultural diversity in Canada in general and in the Ottawa-Gatineau region in particular.

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