Current activities:

  • Services for students/tutoring
    The DT Centre offers quality services at competitive prices to primary, secondary and upper class (college and university) students. These services are courses which treat diverse subject, notably mathematics, official linguistics, sciences, technology, etc…

    With qualified, effective, and experienced teachers, the Centre’s main goal is to become a Centre of excellence. It disposes of all the tangible resources needed and respects and follows the curricula established by the different school boards of the students in the program.
    For further details, register yourself by completing the proper registration form.

  • Employment opportunities (teachers in maths, French, English, Physics, Biology, chemistry)
    The DT Centre is searching for qualified and specialized teachers in the mathematic, linguistic (French and English), physics, biology, chemistry and technology areas of specialty to students who study in primary and secondary schools in Canada.

    Those teachers must have an education diploma in the particular subject and obtain enough experience with helping children and possess documents granted by police in regard to activities with vulnerable sectors.

    If you are looking for employment fitting this description, register yourself by completing the proper registration form and the Centre’s owners will contact you if needed.

The Centre D&T is temporally located at 144 Mangrove Cres,
Ottawa, K1T 0E4, Ontario, Canada.

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