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Current activities:

  • Services for students/tutoring
    The DT Centre offers quality services at competitive prices to primary, secondary and upper class (college and university) students. These services are courses which treat diverse subject, notably mathematics, official linguistics, sciences, technology, etc…

    With qualified, effective, and experienced teachers, the Centre’s main goal is to become a Centre of excellence. It disposes of all the tangible resources needed and respects and follows the curricula established by the different school boards of the students in the program.
    For further details, register yourself by completing the proper registration form.

  • Business connections
    The DT Centre wants to offer promotion services to individual companies or corporations who are not yet well known. Through its networking and partnership, the Centre will promote their activities throughout all of its community and social networks and different partnerships.

    Otherwise, the DT Centre will help the said companies in the development of their businesses within the investment component and by putting in action its special marketing activities.

    If you are a professional, business agent, and artist or talented in another domain and you think you have the capacity and ability to offer your services to great lengths and at competitive prices, register yourself by completing the proper registration form, putting yourself in contact with the DT Centre.

  • Employment opportunities (teachers in maths, French, English, Physics, Biology, chemistry)
    The DT Centre is searching for qualified and specialized teachers in the mathematic, linguistic (French and English), physics, biology, chemistry and technology areas of specialty to students who study in primary and secondary schools in Canada.

    Those teachers must have an education diploma in the particular subject and obtain enough experience with helping children and possess documents granted by police in regard to activities with vulnerable sectors.

    If you are looking for employment fitting this description, register yourself by completing the proper registration form and the Centre’s owners will contact you if needed.

Further activities : (December 2012 and January 2013)

  • Excellency Clubs
  • Events planning

Knowledge and skills:

  • Provide tutoring services, deepening and excellence in intellectual knowledge in mathematics, language arts, science and technology, economics, management, etc.

  • Promotion of clients and business connections by organizing regular events bringing together the public (customers) and key partners in the fields / occupations.

  • Organization of contests and competitions of knowledge (mathematics, language arts, etc.) for the development and promotion of these services to the beneficiaries of the Centre.

  • Create a strategic partnership in knowledge to ensure the development and achievement of objectives expected by clients of the Centre as agreed between them and the latter as part of a partnership agreement.



  • Helping customers deliver and make a good choice in terms of investment.

  • Make investment studies for the Centre and customers of the latter.

  • Create an effective partnership framework in terms of investment both in Canada and internationally in order to maximize investment returns.

  • Establish a team of specialists in various fields in order to make effective advice and studies in investment for clients of the Centre.

  • Assist investor-clients of the Centre in the management of their business through advice and / or direct support.



  • Helping, through advice and direct support, newcomers to Canada access to socio-economic opportunities such as employment, education and other benefits to Canada.

  • Align the Canadian residents in opportunities existing both in Canada and outside Canada.

  • Facilitate foreign access to existing facilities in Canada, including training and investment.

  • Create an effective partnership with services and organizations working in the field of immigration to explore fully the opportunities existing socio-economic in order to improve the integration of newcomers, residents and foreigners in Canada.



  • The Centre will organize regular contests and competitions in the promotion of investment projects and in various fields of knowledge mentioned above, in order to promote and strengthen the skills of the Center's clients.

  • The Centre will select effective partners in the fields for maximum profitability and further develop the talents, skills and knowledge of the beneficiaries of the Centre's services.

  • Helping clients and talented developers to take advantage of excellent socio-economic projects benefiting both nationally and internationally in various fields.

  • Establish a mechanism to promote and monitor the quality of services provided by the Centre.

  • Develop tools and mechanisms relevant to strengthening and promoting talent immediate beneficiaries of the Centre's services.

  • Establish a monitoring mechanism (after-sales) services to clients to ensure the credibility and leadership of the Centre.

  • Creating an ethical framework on services.



  • The Centre should identify specific areas in which it will maintain its leadership in customer satisfaction in the context of the investment and development of knowledge and skills.

  • Identify potential leaders in various fields and help them rush deeper into their expertise through a constant promotion and an active and effective partnership.

  • Create a network with leaders who received the support and assistance of the Centre for requirements to strengthen and develop the Centre as part of the services provided.


Business Connection

  • D & T Centre has the objective of promoting a direct link between the unwell known producers of goods and services with consumers of various communities in needs of these goods and services.

  • D & T Centre wants to promote products and services of high quality and low price to a wide public wishing to benefit from them.

  • Through its system of partnership, the Centre will ensure not only to know the producers (technician, entrepreneur, talented artist, etc...) but also to help develop its business through the activities mentioned above.


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